Action Agenda Week 1, Term 4

We’re so sorry this is late!  Please find attached the Action Agenda for feedback at our meeting this Friday.

Week 1 Term 4 Action Agenda-100e8d3

As you know we have been talking about putting up the netball rings for a while now. In week 6the court just near Mortlock will finally be trialed as a netball court. If the program goes well and the court is popular the rings will continue to stay up. We hope that all the students busting to play netball finally are happy and get to practice at lunch and recess. 

 On the last day of school for term 3 we had a casual day to raise money for the make a wish foundation. From all your support we raised $713.70 which is $50 more than our last casual day so a big congratulations. 

 The SRC have decided that the $1000 raised at the disco has been set aside to upgrade the toilets. We asked everyone for ideas for what we could use it for. Keeping in mind that $1000 is not enough to rebuild every single toilet. A big problem that kids decided was that the locks are either jammed, broken or loose so we will use most of it to fix that but with any spare money we will see if we can upgrade the hand dryers. 

New Sports House Competition


Today we are announcing the launch of our new Sports House Yard Cleaning program.

In Term 1 we voted on what we wanted to achieve this year.  One improvement we all agreed on was that we should do more in our Sports Houses and the other was to help the environment.  The SRC voted to combine the two and have a yard cleaning competition.  The yard is divided up into four parts as you can see on the screen.

Every Friday morning Simone and the SRC Execs will go around and judge the cleanliness and most rubbish free parts of the yard.  The team with the cleanest area will get 4 points, the next team 3 points and so on.  After 5 weeks the winning team will be presented with this trophy and the competition will start again.  The trophy will be displayed in the front office with the winning team’s ribbon colours displayed.

After today’s assembly, we ask that you all go out and clean your yard section.

Lastly, just a reminder to all the SRC reps and teachers to have a class meeting before next Friday.

See the school map here CLGPS map – SRC HOUSE TEAM LITTER ZONES-2mnbstq


 Thank you to those who came to the disco, we had heaps of fun. We raised around $1000! We were disappointed that the staff/teachers and SRC executives spent extra time at school to run the year 5-7 Disco when  only around 60 students went so the SRC is going to think about what changes need to be made. One of the things that we were really happy about was that at this disco we only had 1 small bag of rubbish that went to land fill – this was a huge improvement on our first disco! We would like to thank Miss Chamber’s class – Room 15 for using the chip packets and taking the unused ones to Coles for soft recycling. Also thank you for Bruce  taking the cans and pop tops to the metal depot to also be recycled.  

 Congratulations to the winners of CLG’s got talent, Olivia BSyla T and Cody, we hope that you enjoy your free lunch order prize!

Great job to everyone who participated as well, we were really impressed by your talents!

Just a reminder that we still support Nude Food every Wednesdays – and every other day too in fact! Thank you.   

Gracie on behalf of the SRC 


We had a great first meeting today and we made some big decisions!  Your SRC reps have all the information, or you can read for yourself here:  Agenda week 1 term 3

The kids of CLG have also decided to participate in the Children’s Week Awards this year.  More information is included in these documents : Nominations and Award Guidelines


R-1      2.00-3.00 $3.00/ticket

2-5      5.00-6.15 $5.00/ticket

5-7      6.30-8.00  $5.00/ticket

Soft drinks will be on sale for $1.50 and packets of chips for $1.00

WE WANT YOU TO RECYCLE!  IF YOU RECYLCE YOUR CAN, YOU WILL GET A FREE GLOWSTICK.  Just find an SRC Exec & a recycling bin to earn yours.

Keep up the great work CLG

Week 7 Meeting Update


We had a great meeting today and were really happy that all but 1 class had held a meeting to discuss the items raised at our last meeting.  We got through a lot today and classes have a lot to discuss before our meeting in Week 9.  For more information and to see today’s Action Agenda, please click here.

The most exciting thing is that the SRC Execs will be running a Colonel Light Gardens got Talent competition in Week 10.  If you’d like to register, please add your name to the sign up sheet on the borrowing counter in the Library.

We’re also excited to say the last day of Term will be our SRC fundraiser to support the RSPCA.  We are asking kids to dress in blue and white (the RSPCA colours) or dress in animal theme on the day.  Please remember, if you do come out of school uniform, you need to bring a gold coin donation.

Looking toward next term, our Disco will be held on Thursday of Week 2 (2nd August).

Don’t forget to check out the Action Agenda and make sure your class votes!  We value YOUR voice 🙂


Delayed Update!

As you may already know we had a sport themed disco on Thursday of week 3 which was a huge success. We raised a $1,151.65 profit to put towards our school, good job!

Just to clarify the prices of the tickets haven’t gone up, they’re the same price. We have just made it so that your child does not have to buy chips, a drink and a glow stick all in one.

We were disappointed in the amount of landfill we had. We had 451 chip packets, 198 pop tops and 430 soft drink cans that went to landfill.

To improve this waste we have come up with a NUDE FOOD Wednesday.  As we have voted to help the environment this year we would like it that if every Wednesday your child could bring their Recess and Lunch out of its packet in a container, so that the rubbish doesn’t have to go to landfill.

We also have given each class a bokashi/compost bin for them to put their food scraps in. If the SRCs from each class could empty the bin into the big bin behind Doolette it would be much appreciated.

Thanks Gracie, on behalf of the SRC

Week 3 Action Agenda

We’ve been busy!

We had a very busy time at our meeting last Friday and the Students asked Simone to take the following items to the teacher equivalent of the SRC (School Improvement Team)  She did that on Monday, now we are waiting to hear back from all the teaching teams.

(For all the gory  details of our last meeting click here – Week 3 action agenda)

  • Environment – Each SRC rep has been given a compost bin for their classrooms to collect organic waste each day. It is the rep’s job to empty the bin daily (this is part of their role as an SRC rep).  The green bin is around the side of Doolette closest to the lane for scraps to be emptied. in.  Here’s some photos of our team getting organised!

  • House Captains – Can we consider whether some Year 6’s be allowed to nominate for house captains as many students leave at the end of Year 6.
  • The students would also like a long run to be included in the championship events.  Is this viable or a possibility?
  • House Points – in the student survey, students voted to have more opportunities to do things in their sports team houses. One idea that we have come up with (and linked to our wish to do something to support the environment) is to split the school yard into 4 sections which each House team will be responsible for keeping clean and controlling litter.  At the end of each week the areas will be judged and an agreed amount of points be allocated to the Sports house whose yard area is the tidies.  A draft of areas has been given to teachers… To consider – who judges?  Points could be recorded on a spreadsheet so it won’t be a big time investment.
  • Nude Food Day – The SRC would like the school to participate in a Nude Food Day every week where students are encouraged to bring a lunchbox that contains no packaging. The SRC will promote it and compile an information brochure to go home to families. Are you willing to support it and which day is best?  We were thinking Friday each week.
  • Assembly – The SRC would like to bring back that each class does a yard clean on their way back from assembly.

Boy, have we been busy?  We haven’t even mentioned the discos – you’ll have to wait for the newsletter to read about that!

First meeting of the Term

We had a productive meeting today.  We are happy to say these are the charities we’ll be supporting –

Classes voted to have Fanta and Creaming Soda for sale at the disco.  The theme  is SPORTS.  You can dress up in the theme if you want to, but you don’t have to.

For all the details of our meeting  click here

Here are some photos of our reps working on disco posters at today’s meeting.