First meeting of the Term

We had a productive meeting today.  We are happy to say these are the charities we’ll be supporting –

Classes voted to have Fanta and Creaming Soda for sale at the disco.  The theme  is SPORTS.  You can dress up in the theme if you want to, but you don’t have to.

For all the details of our meeting  click here

Here are some photos of our reps working on disco posters at today’s meeting.


Get ready to boogie!  The school discos are coming!


The SRC school discos will be run on Thursday of Week 3.

Details are as follows:

R-1         2.10-3.00              Langley Hall

$3.00 includes fruit box and small chips

2-5          5.00-6.15              Langley Hall

$5.00 entry, $1.50 chips, $1.00 cans of soft drink

5-7          6.30-8.00              Langley Hall

$5.00 entry, $1.50 chips, $1.00 cans of soft drink

Glow sticks will be available for purchase for 50c each

Make sure your class completes the survey and returns your votes for the meeting this Friday.  In case you lost your survey, here’s what you need to vote on.

Glow sticks: Yes / NO

Soft drinks:

  • Fanta
  • Lemondade/Sprite
  • Creaming Soada
  • Solo

Send your reps with the top 2 votes

Theme – Which theme does your class want?  Animal or Sport?


Please read the following Action Agenda and make sure your class votes and provides feedback ready for our meeting this Friday.

See you at 12.15 in the Library.


March, 2018

I would like to congratulate all the SRC on a brilliant meeting everyone was listening well and we had a great game at the end.

The survey results were really helpful because we now know what all of the students in Colonel Light Gardens want the SRC team to focus on improving.

Last Friday, the SRC executives went to the GRIP leadership conference. We learned how it is important to have integrity and we can do this by being a strawberry not a watermelon. Being a strawberry means we are always doing the right thing even when people are not looking, as well as being the same on the inside as we are on the outside. Being a watermelon is the opposite, and means you pretend that you are always doing the right thing (pretending to be a strawberry) even though you are doing the wrong thing. Obviously, a strawberry tastes the same on the inside and the outside, but a watermelon? (Ever tried eating the green part of a watermelon?) A watermelon tastes VERY different on the outside to the inside.

Just a heads up for all the SRCs and teachers ( or anyone that would like to know) in odd weeks the meetings will be at 12: 15 and in even weeks they will be at 11:15.  Also the meeting we just had at 2:15 is not a permanent time, it is just a make-up-meeting for when we were at the GRIP leadership conference.

See you @ 2.15 for our meeting today.

Ella Mitlan


This week’s meeting has been postponed.  Our SRC Executives are off to develop their leadership schools at the annual GRIP student leadership conference this Friday.  The conference is a wonderful learning opportunity which will inspire and motivate our student leaders to implement positive change at our school.

Please ensure you complete the student voice survey by Tuesday Week 8 so that your class can have a say in the direction and initiatives of the SRC this year.  If you have misplaced your copy, you can access it here. Student voice start of year survey-2g2zxww

We will meet in either Week 8 or on an alternate day in Week 9 due to Good Friday.  We will keep you posted.





Our Semester 1 Representatives

Our elected student leaders had their first meeting for 2018 today.  Our reps are off to a fantastic start.  Their first task is to share a survey with their class to find out what the kids of CLG want to achieve and do this year.

You can find a copy of the survey here Student voice start of year survey-2g2e9cm

Our action agenda for the meeting is here Week 5-1fu9gxv

We’re looking forward to a successful year of student voice and leadership at CLG.


Hi everyone,

A new year back at school means new SRC representatives that will be selected in years 2-7. At our first SRC executive meeting we came up with criteria that we think is necessary if you want to represent your class for SRC. Below I’ve listed some of the qualities that we came up with.

Organised: Being able to remember meetings and being on time, also jotting down notes and having a good memory to bring the information back to your class and teacher.

Open minded: Accepting and taking in others ideas not just your own.

Care, Respect and Safety: Showing all of these qualities to each other.

Communicator: Reporting back information loud and clear and having discussions and votes about what has been discussed in SRC meetings, also sharing your ideas in SRC meetings.

Commitment: Being fully committed and attending all meetings necessary.

We will let you know about a more concrete criteria ASAP.

Thank you!

Gracie Thomson on behalf of the SRC EXECUTIVE

That’s a wrap!

We enjoyed a delicious celebration yesterday after a wonderful year of hard work.

The SRC have worked as a team to lead student voice @ CLG right to the very end, raising close to $600 for the RSPCA at yesterday’s fundraiser.

A photo from earlier in the year of our hardworking team

Great work as we look forward to a bigger and better 2018!


Congratulations to the following Year 6 students who were elected by their peers to be members of the SRC Executive in 2018.

  • Lily R
  • Ella M
  • Mitchell O
  • Gracie T
  • Nathan H
  • Ariana T
  • Paige M
  • Lily R

We had a high number of high quality candidates this year, all of who have wonderful potential for student leadership.  You all should be proud of yourselves.

In other news, we will have our final meeting/celebration this Friday, 1st December.  A consent form like the one below was sent home with Reps today.  Please ensure you return it by Friday.