After a few week hiatus due to school closure day and Book Week, the SRC will meet again this Friday.  We will be continuing our work on our quest to say bye bye to bullying.

At our last meeting our SRC reps went through the language in the kid’s bullying policy that they didn’t understand.  Our Executives have taken this feedback on board to rewrite the policy in a more ‘kid friendly’ way.  They will share the draft with all reps at the meeting this Friday, and it will be taken to classes for feedback.

We look forward to seeing you for a productive meeting THIS FRIDAY.

Bye Bye Bullying

Our student leaders are working hard so that we can all say BYE BYE BULLYING.  We have launched a school wide campaign and we will be working as a team to end bullying.  We will

  1. Spot it Out
  2. Speak Out
  3. Stamp it Out

At today’s meeting we looked at our current bullying policy and have begun work to update it and make sure its written by the students for the students.  Keep up the great work SRC!

If you’d like to see the existing policy,  Click here



It was wonderful to see our school value of care put into action today when Ben from the Salvation Army spoke at our assembly and collected our community donations.  Ben has taken them to headquarters where they will be distributed via the street crew, the homeless shelter and to needy families around Adelaide.

Thank you for your generosity.



Next week is disco week and we’re excited!  In case you missed it on the posters, in the newsletters or at our class meeting, the details are as follows;

Reception / Year 1 – 2.10 in Langley hall

Cost:  $4.00 including drink and a small bag of chips.

Please pay money to your teacher on the day

Year 2 to 5 – 5.00 – 6.15 in Langley Hall

Cost:  $3.00 entry fee, $2.00 can of Fanta/Sprite, $1.00 Chips, Glow Sticks $0.50 each

Years 5 to 7 6.30 – 8.00 in Langley Hall

Cost:  $3.00 entry fee, $2.00 can of Fanta/Sprite, $1.00 Chips, Glow Sticks $0.50 each

Tickets available for sale Monday – Wednesday next week outside the library from 1.10-1.30 or you can buy them at the door on the night.



Working hard to make a difference…

Our student leaders worked hard at our meeting today and we achieved A LOT! Including:

Tallying disco survey results for our Year 2-7 students-  The students voted for

  • Buying tickets both before the disco and on the night
  • That we will buy chips and drinks on the night
  • The flavour of drinks for sale will be Sprite & Fanta
  • Glow Sticks will be available to buy

The theme is RAINBOW!

We can’t wait to see everyone dressed up in Week 9 – it’s going to be FUN.


We collected all the bullying survey data from classes and will give you the total tallies and results at the next meeting.

We also made posters to promote our Term 2 fundraiser to support the Salvation Army’s Winter Appeal.  This will be launched at assembly in Week 6, and Reps will be sharing information with their classes.

Our student voice is loud and proud @ CLG!



Bullying Survey

Make sure you complete the survey and bring your tally to our meeting next week.

Watch the clip below before you do the survey to make sure everyone understands what bullying is.  If you have trouble loading it on this page, try this link to watch it online.


Salvation Army Fundraiser – Would your class be happy to promote a blanket/food drive to help those less fortunate than us?

DISCO – Your rep has a survey that your class needs to complete so we can begin our preparations for the discos in week 9.

A copy of the action items and disco survey  is attached below in case your dog ate the one given to you at our meeting.


Keep up the great work CLG!


We had another successful meeting today where our leaders once again showed their leadership qualities.

The CLG kids have voted to support


Stay tuned for more information in the future about HOW we will do that.

There was a lot of interest from many students about a lunch time dance club.  The Execs will be running this and details will be finalised by our next meeting in Week 3.

It was a YES from the students about an exclusive Year 6/7 area in the yard.  The next step is for the teachers and school leadership to have their say… This is a big decision with lots of people affected so it will take awhile to sort out, so please be patient.

Bullying was identified as a problem in our whole school survey so today our SRC took the first step toward understanding WHAT the actual problem is and how many kids are affected by it.    We watched this short movie

… and then all reps completed this survey

Our Reps will show this movie at their next class meeting and survey their classmates so that we can identify the problem and work towards a solution.

What a great effort from our student leaders once again.  Keep it up!